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Sometimes we don’t all speak the same language… Oral communication is very often a prerequisite in business. International conferences, business meetings with foreign clients requiring special terminology, or even assistance in trials are only some cases in which our services might come in handy.

Our highly-skilled associates are ready to provide their services for any kind of interpreting needs:

– Simultaneous interpreting: Interpreting of speech into the target language as the speaker is talking, usually conducted in soundproof booths. This type of interpreting is common at conferences and large events.

– Consecutive interpreting: Interpreting into the target language relayed to the audience during pauses in speech. This type of interpreting is common for small events and group meetings.

– Escort interpreting: Interpreting of spoken language while the interpreter accompanies delegations or individuals on a tour, visit, meeting or interview. This type of interpreting is common for informal situations.

– Telephone interpreting: Interpreting of speech over the telephone from one language to another. This type of interpreting is common for situations in which no on-site interpreters are available.